Currently, I'm working as a postdoc on two projects as a research engineer, developing a virtual assistant for genetic counseling and developing social behaviors for a social robot in a hospital context.


My thesis topic was on novel social interaction experiences in mixed reality.

The research explored different forms of mediated social interactions using mixed reality technology, and how they could play out in different contexts. These include (simulated) face-to-face interactions with (virtual) humans, social conflict situations, as well as remote collaboration tasks with other humans

Research at Meta

I've worked as research intern at Meta Reality Labs on social perception and interaction in VR.

My first internship in 2018 was on motion reconstruction and gesture perception. My second one in 2020 was on multimodal interaction between VR and video conference. See our publication on that research.

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The eCG Family clinic is a ZonMw funded research consortium. We're developing a digital health platform for genetic counseling, the DNA-poli.

My work on this project is on a conversational virtual assistant, and the integration with the platform from the Utrecht hospital.



I like to take pictures so I always have fresh wallpapers for my desktop.


I am a creative technologist with a PhD in human computer interaction.

Mixed reality experiences, physical robots with digital minds, from 3D design to manufacturing — I enjoy connecting digital and physical to make products for humans.

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The Harmony project is a H2020 EU project on assistive mobile robotics in a hospital setting.

My work on this project is to design and implementing social behaviours for the robot. For testing and evaluation, I've developed a virtual version of the robot that can be experienced in VR.

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OpenIMPRESS is a telepresence platform developed together with Emiel Harmsen. It provides clients to connect various displays and sensors into a virtual shared environments.

Check our publication and our GitHub.

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I enjoy every aspect of designing and making products. From 3D modeling and animation with Blender, CAD and CAM with Fusion360, to PCB design with KiCAD, to programming in game engines, firmware for microcontrollers, for the web or for data analysis.

One of my favorite projects where I applied most of these these skills in one was designing, manufacturing and marketing my own Mechanical Keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboards

I enjoy designing & using my own mechanical keyboards. From PCB to CNC-milled cases. I have also manufactured and distributed one one of my designs, the BMEK. It features an ergonomic layout and an aluminium case available in different colors.

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